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Voter Contact Has Changed. Has Your Campaign?

RMG has new tools and new lists to help you identify
and persuade your vote in this upcoming election.

We work exclusively with UCP candidates.
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    Data Driven Campaigns That Achieve Results

    • get voter ids responsive marketing group

      ➡ Fewer and fewer Canadians have landlines.
      ➡ Grow your calling pool.
      ➡ Access cell phone numbers in your riding.

    • voter contact sms responsive marketing group

      ➡ Text messaging is now the leading way to contact voters.
      ➡ Find supporters, volunteers and donors using text message.

    • voter contact social media responsive marketing group

      ➡ Micro-target your voters online.
      ➡ Persuade individuals not already a supporter or non-supporters.
      ➡ Identify the vote in Facebook.

    • 14%

      More Surveys
      Per Hour

    • 24%

      More Email

    • 40%

      Lower Cost
      Per ID

    Our Conservative Campaign Services

    Efficiently identify and reach your ideal supporters and donors.

    At RMG, we understand that every audience and every campaign is unique. That’s why we help you connect with every member of your audience on an individual level that will inform, engage, and drive them to action.

    Speak with a Specialist

    Alex Murie

    Alex joined RMG in 2018 and serves as Manager, Client Services and Business Development. In this role, he is responsible for managing key clients and manages the activation of their campaigns.

    Prior to RMG Alex work with multiple Toronto Startups and has worked for several Conservative MPs in Ottawa. Alex completed his BA at Dalhousie in 2013.